Matt and Julie

Thank you Quinn for sharing your wisdom and joy during these outings. Was telling Julie what a knack you have for dissolving tension and making these meetings fun.

Karen and Jan

You are always excellent to work with. I also have nothing but gratitude! Quinn, I can’t tell you enough how comforting it was to go through this process with you at the helm. Just knowing you were there in the background keeping a careful eye on everything was so comforting. That is why you will always be our "go to guy"!!


I freaking love you, you are the best realtor I've ever experienced!!!!!

Jaime and Monica

I get asked a lot if I'm comfortable with my realtor and I always reply that I couldn't be more comfortable. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for helping us!! You made this experience very pleasing and easy!

Samantha and David

We wanted to take a moment to thank you also. It was never lost on us that you kept in touch with us for over four years from the time we arrived in Texas. This is more home than we thought we would ever own, and not something that we deserved. It is because of encounters with people such as yourself that our lives are truly blessed, and we are deeply grateful for the opportunity we have had to work with you.

Jan and Karen

Thanks so much Quinn for all your help. You were fabulous to work with and I would confidently recommend you to anyone I know looking for property. I look forward to our continuing partnership.


I am so so thankful for all that you've done. I really appreciate your patience and hard work throughout this process. Thanks again!! I'll obviously recommend you to anyone looking for a home.


Thanks again for making that a smooth and easy process. Never had a transaction go this well. Thanks for keeping on top of it. Really appreciate you for that.


I want to make sure you know I really enjoyed working with you through this process and appreciated your advice and expertise.

Jason and Lisa

You were a big help in getting us across the finish line with the whole process. We do appreciate your help and professionalism.

Markos and Amber

Quinn is simply the best locator I've ever had the pleasure to work with. I cant imagine we would have found such a great place to live without his expertise and I cant tell you how much we appreciated his urgency, professionalism and the personal touch he brought to the whole process. 11/10, 6 stars and 3 thumbs up.

Scott and Lisa

We have nothing but positive words to give you. This is the first time that I have pretty much handled the entire house buying/selling process. Scott normally does it. I wanted to take the lead since he has been so busy with the brewery. You helped walk me through so much and I appreciate that more than you know. I was very serious when I said that we are happy to be a reference for you. Anyone would be lucky to have such a great partner helping them through this crazy process. You really know your stuff, Quinn. And to top it off, you are just a damn good person too. I am just sad it’s over.

Floyd and Lisa

We would like to thank you for your time and effort in assisting us throughout the last couple of years. You are very reliable and did a great job with leading us in the right direction and keeping us informed.

Michael and Doug

It was fun navigating this journey with you. I appreciate all your support, guidance, and patience.


THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for all your amazing work! It’s crazy to think back to the first phone conversation we had, when I casually mentioned that Dean and I were toying with the idea of buying. I’m still shocked at how quickly (and easily) everything fell into place......much of it because of you. Needless to say, It feels so good to finally be in our own home. We’re super grateful for all your help and I’m anxious for the opportunity to share your name with our property-seeking friends.

Jan and Karen

We recently had dinner with several mutual friends, and we were all bragging about how impressed we are with your skills and service! Thanks again for all your support over the past several months. It has been invaluable!


Thank you, thank you, for everything!! You were so helpful with every aspect; showed me a bunch of houses but I never felt pressured, always gave me the pros and cons of every property. I would recommend you to anyone; you made a potentially stressful situation easy. Hope to stay in contact.

Ric and Viviana

Viviana and I want to express our gratitude for the very professional job you did in walking us through the home buying minefield. The personal interest you took in us was comforting. We appreciated your knowledge of the market and the process and your quick response to every question we had. And as our advocate you were most effective in helping us negotiate a good price for a great property. You were highly recommended to us by a good friend and we will recommend you to all of our friends.

Gabe and Melissa

Thanks for always being there for us when we needed you. I genuinely appreciate all of your expert real estate knowledge and know-how when it came to all of the properties that we visited. I will be looking to you for insight into certain things around the house as the time comes.

Johnie Lou

Dear Quinn, Believe me, it is me who should be thanking you for your patience, kindness, understanding and taking my hand and guiding me thru this experience. Being 82 years old and buying a house for the first time by myself, I wasn't even sure it could be done but with your knowledge and help, I now own a home. Again, thank you.


Thanks again for your help. I could not have been in better hands. You were very professional and never slipped into madness like I did.

Marcio and Katie

You have been so wonderful and I am so glad it was you who helped us find our first home. I was totally clueless as how to buy a house and you have made the process as simple as possible and I have enjoyed every minute! Even the minutes that everything was at a stand still! You rock and we're homeowners!! We had our first round of neighborhood kids this afternoon and we already have a boy who wants to sleep over at our house. They tore up our snacks! 4 kids! And I met more neighbors...everyone is nice so far. We can't wait to finish getting settled and I will be off all summer to make it snazzy. Thanks again!


I was very pleased with your work on my behalf....I'll also pass on your information to anyone I know who is in the market. I am happy things have come to a quiet resolution and we'll certainly give you a call when we are making plans to return to Austin. I'm very happy I brought you on instead of trying to do this all myself. You really went the extra mile with all the open houses and various marketing channels. It certainly didn't go unnoticed.

Kim and Marcus

Thanks Quinn! We are so happy that all of this has worked out – we could not have done it without you! Now comes the fun part – making the house our home, the best Christmas present ever :)

Molly and Jesse

You have been awesome. The whole experience has been better than I could have asked for, and you've made it all much simpler and less stressful than we expected. I can assure you that I'll pass on your info to anyone I know who is looking to buy or sell, and will more than likely need your help again someday myself. Anyway, thanks again for everything.

Ken Barkin

Quinn Palmer was wonderful to work with. He made the selling of my house an easy experience. He listened to my needs and concerns and put all of my thoughts into the deal. He was a wonderful advocate for me and he worked the deal so it was win/win. He gave me his advise and he made the sale a partnership between us. If you have ever bought or sold a house then you know how important that is in the experience.


I did pass your information on to 2 co-workers earlier this week. I hope to pass you on as a recommendation to many people going forward. You did a great job working with me.

Sonny and Susan

A few years ago we needed to sell our home and other realtors were not being very helpful. We met Quinn and he told us about some home selling options that the other realtors never mentioned. He stuck by our side until our house sold. Since then he has helped us with other real estate decisions and now, he's helping us relocate to another state. Quinn is professional and courteous. I wish all service professionals were as good as Quinn; the world would be a much better place.

Charles and Marcela

Quinn did a great job of keeping us informed of each step of the process in buying our new home. As first time homebuyers, we had lots of questions that Quinn explained at length with great patience. He found us a great house in a great neighborhood and we love it!


Simply put, I could find no better representative in the purchase or sale of my real estate. My experience of Quinn in this process was one of trust, stability, and companionship.

Betsy, Eric, and Deric

Dear Quinn, you really have gone the extra mile for us at every step of the way and we sincerely appreciate it. This house search certainly had its ups and downs but your enthusiasm, optimism, and incredible patience kept us on track and moving forward. I can't imagine a more qualified or kinder agent to have lead us through this process. Thank you for doing your job so well. Warm wishes.


Quinn is the best realtor I have ever worked with. I first called him after I had talked with another realtor about selling my NW Austin condo last spring. Quinn recommended an asking price $25K higher than the first realtor, and then actually sold it for me for $10K more than the higher price! Without Quinn, I would have walked away from a tidy sum on the sale. He then helped me find my dream home and worked tirelessly to get me in it, including running traps for me with a difficult seller. Through it all, he was consistently professional, responsive, and accommodating. His first concern from the beginning was to make me happy. I have praised his work to friends and family, and would happily recommend him without hesitation.


Quinn Palmer is the perfect realtor - he took the time to understand what I wanted and he found the perfect house that met all of my criteria! He is thoughtful, thorough, perceptive and reliable. The house selling and buying experience with him was painless - he looked out for my best interest all the way. He kept good records and was diligent in making me aware of my options as both seller and buyer. I'd use him again in a heartbeat - and recommend him to my friends. My job involves extensive travel, so I didn't have a lot of time to look at a bunch of houses that didn't meet my criteria. Quinn's knowledge of the market and understanding of my requirements ensured that every house I looked at was a possible.

Tony and Devynn

I´m a single father. Searching for a house for my daughter to grow up in that is safe with good schools was the most stressful time of my life. I started looking over 2 years ago, and Quinn stayed in touch, was patient and consistent from the beginning. We originally looked at fixer-uppers, but settled on a lease while I continued to look. I considered several properties and areas during my search. Quinn knows how important my family is and understood when my search took us to the opposite end of Austin. We ultimately found a great house in one of the neighborhoods I've always liked. Now, my daughter is in a great school and I'm happily settling in. I would recommend Quinn for anything you need real estate wise. He listens well. His consultations are very beneficial, helpful. I knew where I was the whole time...every step along the way. Quinn always made sure I knew my options. I'll be calling Quinn when it's time to sell because I DON'T have to worry whether he has my best interests in mind. Not only did I find an agent that I can trust, I found a great friend.


Quinn did a great job of preparing us for the selling process. He managed the entire sales process ethically, while ensuring we achieved our goals. My wife & I have several properties and have dealt in a number of real estate transactions. Based on our experiences you will not find a better realtor. Quinn has the demeanor and experience to ensure you achieve your goals whether you are a 1st time buyer or experienced investor. I would recommend Quinn to anyone.


I was having dinner with [friends] on Saturday evening. I spent a great deal of the evening thanking David for hooking us up. My previous experiences with realtors has not been good, but this was a pure delight. I can not thank you enough. And, more importantly, I really appreciate all the kindness that you showed, not just in the business, but as a human being. That means a great deal.


From an out of state buyer client: Quinn, Thank you for spending so much of your time with us. We're so glad that we went. The houses that we already purchased are more than we imagined. We especially liked the feeling of the neighborhood.